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Why it’s Important to Have a Strong Brand Identity

A well-designed brand identity rolls your company forward, increasing momentum in recognition.

There aren’t any missing parts in a sturdily-built brand identity. Like a unified puzzle, all of the pieces fit firmly into place. Fonts, color schemes, your tagline, and logo are vital components of your brand identity. Common mediums for displaying your brand identity are business cards, stationery, website, [Read More]

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    Reevaluate Your Website: It Could Be the Key to Gaining a Competitive Edge

Reevaluate Your Website: It Could Be the Key to Gaining a Competitive Edge

It takes well thought-out planning and some time to build an effective website. Just like running a business, managing a website is ongoing. Successful businesses realize that website reevaluations mean staying industry competitive and maintaining relevance to their customers and prospects.

Check Compliance with New Search Engines Rules

During the design phase, your website complied with search engine guidelines. That was [Read More]

SEO is all about content marketing

Content marketing isn’t anything new. It was, is and will be the future of marketing. Search engine optimization requires keywords. And keywords are content. So the two – content marketing and SEO – are peas in a pod.

In a recent article, Ryan Stewart, the owner and founder at Webris, warned that the days of ranking product and service pages [Read More]

How Much Does SEO Cost?

What’s The True Price Point Behind A Successful SEO Marketing Strategy?
Search engine optimization, commonly referred to as SEO, is a widely used Internet marketing strategy that helps to bolster the awareness of a brand, build a list of targeted traffic and promote a company’s performance in Google, Bing, Yahoo or other search engines’ search results.  Businesses are always looking for [Read More]

5 Ways Online Subscriptions Can Benefit Your Business

Subscriptions, when reasonably priced, are comfortable and familiar to consumers. While they used to apply to print media, today subscriptions apply to countless other types of business. Media subscriptions, like Netflix, are hugely popular, and e-commerce businesses of all sizes are offering subscriptions in the form of supply replenishment (great for busy new parents who don’t want to shop [Read More]

Top Elements of a Successful Landing Page

Landing pages serve several purposes, and outstanding web design is essential for the best landing pages, even if they ultimately appear quite simple. With your landing page, you’re trying to induce a visitor to go to a specific page, make a purchase, give permission for email or phone follow-up, or provide feedback. Most companies use multiple landing pages, each [Read More]

Millennials are Mobile First

Millennials are native to technology. They’ve grown up online, expect technology to work and will go elsewhere when it does not. Their proclivity to technology is reshaping our economy. 80MM strong, millennials spend more time on mobile and are power-users with a trillion dollars of purchasing muscle. Clearly, millennial mobile usage will continue to influence the marketplace in the [Read More]

How the Next Google Algorithm Update Impacts Mobile Search

In February of this year, Big G made a huge announcement through their Google Webmaster Central Blog about the implementation of mobile friendliness as a real ranking signal starting on April 21, 2015. According to Google, this is to allow their search engine to serve results that are optimized for the devices of users. Just this March, Search Engine [Read More]

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    Reasons to Consider Creating a Mobile App for Your Small Business

Reasons to Consider Creating a Mobile App for Your Small Business

App development for small business makes more sense now than ever. Successful marketing increasingly demands customer centricity, and customer apps are a powerful way to reach customers. Mobile has become a vital channel through which brands connect with customers, and by viewing marketing from the point of view of the consumer, brands can develop apps that put customers in [Read More]

Creating a More Engaging Business Website

Business websites have to have high quality content to be successful, but when you make the effort to design a visually engaging site, you’ll make that content more enjoyable, capture new visitors’ attention, and keep them around longer.

A beautiful, engaging website is more likely to be bookmarked or attract return visitors, and the ultimate result is a healthier [Read More]